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Powerful Tools For Caregivers (PTC)

Powerful Tools for Caregivers has served caregivers of adults with chronic conditions since 1998. After successful pilot classes, PTC is pleased to expand the population of caregivers served to include caregivers of children with special health and behavioral needs (including minors and adult care receivers with special needs). Please note separate scripts for these distinct caregiving populations are used. The program’s self-care emphasis remains the same. The examples and scenarios with the tools and a new DVD have been tailored to address the specific needs of each caregiver population.

Caregivers benefit from the PTC 6-week series of classes whether they are:

·         Spouses/partners of an adult with a chronic condition

·         Adult children of aging parents

·         Parents of children with special health and behavioral needs

·         Grandparents raising grandchildren with special needs

·         Long-distance caregivers

·         In differing stages in their caregiving role

·         From diverse rural, urban, or ethnic communities

·         English, Spanish, and/or Korean speaking

Learn more about the program here:

Click here for a printable one page information sheet