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Falls Prevention

A Matter of Balance is an 8-week structured group intervention that emphasizes practical strategies to reduce fear of falling and increase activity levels. 

Participants gain confidence by learning to:

  • View falls as controllable
  • Set realistic goals for increasing activity
  • Make environmental changes to reduce fall risk at home
  • Exercise to increase strength and balance


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EnhanceFitness focuses on dynamic cardiovascular exercise, strength training, balance, and flexibility — everything older adults need to maintain health and function as they age.

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Performing exercises that improve strength, balance, and fitness are the single most important activity that adults can do to stay active and reduce their risk of falling.  The entire curriculum of activities in the SAIL Program can help improve strength and balance if done regularly.  SAIL is offered 3 times a week in a one hour class.  SAIL exercises can be done standing or sitting.  The SAIL program is able to accommodate people with a mild level of mobility difficulty (i.e. occasional cane users).

SAIL classes are conducted by fitness, exercise science, and healthcare professionals who have completed SAIL instructor training.  Instructors work with participants to help achieve the best results from the fitness classes.  


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Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance program is delivered in two one-hour sessions each week for 24 weeks.  Each session consists of warm-up exercises; core practices, which include a mix of practice of forms, variations in forms, and mini-therapeutic movements; and brief cool-down exercises. 


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